Video Testimonial from Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece


"This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Soldiers of Song's performance at the Listowel Legion. Their performance was a tribute to the Dumbells, the pioneers of sketch comedy.  This show was a wonderful tribute to the soldiers who entertained their comrades and boosted morale through the First World War.  I would encourage everyone to and see the Soldiers of Song and learn more about these Canadian entertainers." 


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Globe and Mail


"Mr. Wilson’s briskly staged recreation offered a best-of selection from the trench troupers: over-the-top patriotic songs such as Oh It’s a Lovely War and the morally loose Everybody Slips a Little mix with foot-tapping ragtime numbers played by his era-appropriate trio (piano, cornet and clarinet) and narrative continuity supplied by Toronto storyteller Lorne Brown. ..."



The Winnipeg Free Press 


"What works best about this show is its desire to stay true to the past. Indeed, its songs including the The Dumbell Rag, And Her Mother Came Too... A meta-tribute to Scottish entertainer Sir Harry Lauder came with Roamin' in the Gloamin' that original Dumbell member Jack McLaren cheekily interpolated with references to the dreaded Ross rifle.  Soldiers of Song resonates not just as a timely nod to those unforgettable Canadian heroes who made so many laugh in the face of horror, but moreover to the profound value of humour in overcoming life's adversity." 



Musical Toronto


"Singer-songwriter Jason Wilson and Toronto storyteller Lorne Brown will help us relive what a concert party may have looked and sounded like, with the help of actors Jim Armstrong and Andrew Knowlton." 



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